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临床教学基地教师全英教学培训 2020秋



医用物理学 (英语授课) 2020秋季


Medical Physics is an important curriculum for biomedical students. The course starts with the light-tissue interactions, and then systematically introduces relevant concepts, principles and methods in biomedical physics. By presenting several new technologies such as non-contact parametric analysis and functional imaging methods, the course provides a
simple scheme for related knowledges and techniques in biomedical physics. Students will be able to gain knowledges on basic concepts and practical applications, thus providing valuable foundations for further investigations on biomedical imaging, sensing, and instrumentations.

Medical Microbiology

Teaching Goals: 

1. The goal of teaching microbiology to the undergraduate medical students is to provide an understanding of the infectious disease in order to deal with the etiology, pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis, treatment, and control of infections.

2. The student will have integrated knowledge of Infectious diseases - pathogenicity, clinical features, immunological features, laboratory diagnosis, epidemiology, and control of diseases in the community by proper immunization procedures. This will be achieved through integrated teaching involving other non-clinical and clinical departments.

Course IntroductionMedical Microbiology is an ever-evolving dynamic science, which is a connecting link between pre-clinical and clinical medicine and serves as a specialized branch which deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases. The microorganisms involved in infectious diseases are diverse ranging from; bacteria, fungi, parasites,s and viruses, and all of them pose a potential health risk to individuals and the community. Over-crowded settlements, malnutrition, poor hygienic practices trigger an increased proportion of infectious diseases in the population. Through this course, students will understand and acquire knowledge about the different types of infectious diseases and the prevention and treatment of those diseases and master the techniques and clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases of patients, and provide scientific evidence for diagnosis and prognosis of diseases by testing and interpretation of clinical samples with the help of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory. 


Students will be guided to acquire thorough knowledge by specially designed Practice courses, which includes the hands-on-experience in all basic microbiology techniques for identification and reporting of pathogenic microbes from various clinical specimens and will be trained with all associated subject knowledge for achieving this goal. 

Small acupoints help your health better on

Small acupoints help your health better on course takes meridians as the mainline, and introduces commonly used acupoints of fourteen meridians and extra points, as well as commonly used acupoints in children's massage. The course introduces about 80 acupoints in detail of their names, meridians belonging to, positionings, indications and operation. For the learners, it is easy to understand and they can systematically master the knowledge and apply it in their daily life. Just follow us step into " Small acupoints help your health better on" course, learn the essence of Chinese Traditional  Medicine, and escort your health!

Teacher: 张继苹