Business Ethics(商业伦理/医药类)

Course Description:
In this course students understand and evaluate the role of business in society and the demands management face in maintaining moral integrity while fulfilling their obligations as agents of organizations and firms. Special emphasis is placed on ethical issues confronted by pharmaceutical company management.
Course Objectives (Learning outcomes):
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
- Identify conflicting interests and values between organizations and their members, stakeholders and publics.
- Identify and evaluate the ethical and social claims and appeals organizations and individuals employ to justify their values and actions. 
- Apply major ethical theories including utilitarianism, ethics of duty, and virtue ethics to concrete organizational and personal situations.
- Evaluate critically case studies and their own careers applying appropriately the concepts of the corporation and of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
- Recognize ethical issues confronting managers, including organizational challenges to their integrity.

教师: 童绍茂