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  • New Semester, New Start!

    Hope you're ready for the 2018 spring semester!  Make sure you plan ahead, set-goals, get organized. 

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  • 课程问卷(三)


  • Discovering Yourself

    Do you know yourself enough to improve yourself? Where do you see yourself after graduation? Would you follow your parents' advice or pursue your own dream?
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  • Childhood Memories

    What are  your childhood memories? What are your childhood dreams? Are they achievable? Are they childish? Have you fulfilled your childhood dreams so far?

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  • Challenge-based Learning Project

    Challenge-based learning (CBL) is a framework for learning while solving real-world challenges(problems). It provides students an opportunity to develop 21st century skills. Let's carry out a CBL project, let's take action to make a difference.

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  • Social Prejudice & Diversity

    What forms of prejudice are you aware of in society? Gender? Education? Social Rank? Wealth? Birth Place? What can be done to overcome these prejudices?
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  • Holidays

    Do you celebrate Western festivals like Christmas? What are the pros & cons of celebrating Western festivals in China?

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  • Heros & Heroines

    hero (masculine) / heroine (feminine) is a person who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery / strength.  What qualities do they have to make them heros / heroines?Do you see heroism in yourself?

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  • Tales Ancient & Modern

    Which ancient tale or modern tale impress you the most? What have you learned from the tales ancient & modern?

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  • Stop Procrastinating

    How to get the most out of every day?Let's try our best to stop procrastinating & learn how to manage our time effectively & wisely.

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  • Big Data in Medicine

    Big data analyses performed by supercomputers now make it possible to analyze all information together for more medical knowledge and improved guidance regarding therapy selections, thus ultimately benefiting the patient.

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  • 课程问卷(四)


  • 大学英语(二)期末考题型和复习范围


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